Expedition “Towards the centre of the Earth” 2012

Extraordinary adventures await Lithuanian speleologists this summer – one of the biggest caving clubs in the Baltic states “Aenigma” fourth time now is organizing a travel to the deepest cave of the Earth, also called “Bottom of the World” or “Everest under the ground”!

Together with speleologists from Ukraine and other countries Lithuanian team will spend more than two weeks in the dark, damp and cold environment attempting to penetrate still unexplored part of the cave – depths of sump “Two Captains”. In the maze under the ground they also will take various measurements, biological explorations, will test the means of ecological treatment, renew worn – out equipment, and will investigate new branches of the cave.

Lithuanian expedition “Towards the centre of the Earth” 2012 is part of a project “The Call of the Abyss” organized by the Ukrainian Association of Speleology (UkrSA), which is exploring Krubera – Voronya cave more than thirteen years.

It is possible that this year international team of speleologists will achieve deeper than – 2191m. point of the cave!

Earlier Lithuanian travels to the deepest cave in the world:


• New 50 m meander and 12 m sump were discovered; 
• In the depths of – 1710 and – 1840 metres new water level logger was placed aiming to investigate full or partial cave waterlogging;
• New Lithuanian cave depth record was reached: – 1810m.



• In commemoration of the Millennium of Lithuania’s Name in a depth at – 2140 m on the wall of the sump “Two Captains” a memorial sign was attached;
• Lithuanian cave depth record was achieved: – 2140 m;
• New water level logger, which in the future should guaranty the safety of world speleologists’ expeditions in this cave, was placed;
• Worn – out cave equipment – ropes and hooks – were renewed;
• New cave branches were explored.


• Saulė Vaš (formerly Pankienė) from Lithuania became the first woman descending to the bottom of the cave, diving through Kvitochka sump and reaching – 2143 m. depth.
• Exploration of the new branches of the cave, started at 2008 and 2009, had been continued;
• The results of the water level logger, set up in 2009, were collected, and devices were installed for the next four years.


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